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Open Gardens

Saturday, July 28, in addition to our regular visitors, will be welcome the members of the Open Gardens Organization involved in helping the children of the Chacun Son Everest Organization.


Saturday, 21st of July, from 12.30h to 14.30h, everyone may bring his picnic, with food, cus and blanket. Please phone before to book - T 05 55 76 74 35. (last day for booking 27/07). While the picnic, the castle will be closed.

The draining away of the pond

The pond will be drained in october or in november of 2018. This will be done in the morning and all the fish will be taken at the end of the morning. We hope many fishes (pikes, carps, roaches). People will be expected but not too close and not bother workers. Fish will not put on sale.

Annual works

The annual works will focus on the ruins of the south-west tower from the feodal home (continuation of last year's works engaged). It will also concern the rebuilt of the gate at the entrance of the park (near the pond), the painting in the little lodge, and the renovation of the roof above the main entrance of the XIXe 's castle.

Park opening

Park of Las-Croux castle will be opened to the public the 5th of July. Access is by passing the gate with 2 towers after you have turned from the road n°105 , There is a parking for the cars just at the entrance The owner will be there or further in the park to welcome you.

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