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visiting the park
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Welcome at Las-Croux

Welcome to our visitors!

Castle and park are in a conservation area.

The castle and the park were created in the XIXth century on a rocky site where still dominate the ruins of an old castle from the 15th century.



At the place of the ruins, Valley views emerged; it is possible to go down to the torrent of the Benaize by stones steps. The park stretches over 5 hectares and have two large lawns, included one of an hectare, surrounded by old trees (some secular and rare) and walkways shaded and going under the trees.

Within the park were erected several building such as stables, orangery and greenhouse, neoclassical Pavillon as well as the castle of the 19th century. Downstreamed, an old 5 hectare pond welcomes walkers and fishermen.


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