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visiting the castle

Entry into the castle.

Are open to the public: the vestibule, the lounge and the dining room.

The entrance is in a large hallway. The filtered light comes through painted stained glass representing a Squire and a Maiden. Heating was coming from soil and a grid is visible in the center of the room. On the side, a door gives on a desktop. The floor is tiles in order to receive everyone, farmers or merchants even with dirty shoes. There is also a corridor leading from the vestibule to facilate the room service. On the other side, a large wooden staircase leads to upper floors.

The lounge faces the entry. The parquet is composed of braces. Large paned windows give a beautifull view on full west over the ravine. Like each room of the castle, the living room has its own fireplace. Beside, behind the glass door, lies the lounge we called "Napoleon III" and in its extension, a great lounge, which was once a poolroom.

The dining room is rectangular. A large fireplace, wooden sculpts with heat recovery, provided a good temperature. The original chandelier disappeared but the current one is one that was used for the poolroom. Above the doors the paintings of medieval characters were painted by a certain Henri Tayan in 1899. They seem to come out of a tale and seems to answer to a musician and a spinner made in plaster which serve as bases for the beams.

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