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visiting the park
inside the castle
the romantic visit

At the begining of the visit people pass through the gate between the towers and under the arrow slits. Then, there is the warden house. Just after there is the old vegetable garden with at the background the orange shelter and the green house.

The main alley (500 m long) is going straight on with chestnut tree and beech tree at each side. Walking on, it seems that the park lets itself discovered with its undulating lawns, its secular trees (sequoia and tulip tree) and the shady paths with various clumps (bamboos, rhododendrons). Walking again a building appears at the left hand. It is a lodge with one floor, built in a new classical way.

Finally, the castle, hight and wide, is visible at the right hand. It was created in the XIXth century. The roof reminds the roof of old castles built in the time of the king Louis the XIIIth (1601-1643).
Just aside there are the ruins of an old stronghold castle (1458). The remains are overlooking a deep valley called the valley of "La Benaize". Sometimes river for trouts, sometimes torrent, La Benaize lets its sound of rapid water to be heard above till the castle.
The romantic time (in the XIXth century) is still there in this country with its fairy tales or local stories. George Sand, the very known lady writter lived not so far from Las-Croux at Nohant and her novels are very close to this nature.
From the castle, the park seems to design the letter "V" and we have the impression to be at the centre of the park.

The visit goes on with the stables (1850). The building is nearly hidden, it was the commons part but now it is not common and it is very nice. Then, along the paths people can see others remains (an old stone with the drawing of a sword, an entrance of an old house, a destroyed tower) and others trees and clumps. The visit ends with going to the terrace which was a sandy place with flowers all around and overlooking the Las-Croux's pond.

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